Why Work with US Precision



Be careful buying CBD online or in stores.

Rigorous studies show that 69% are grossly mislabeled – They contain much less or much more CBD than marked, or no CBD whatsoever! 70% are heavily contaminated with dangerous substances, including pesticides, mold, hormones, and drugs.

Not ours! Every one of our products is accurate, honest, and 100% devoid of risky compounds.



We start with state-of-the-art growing conditions along with superior solvent-free extraction, distillation and quality control methods.

Then we add in cutting-edge, plant-based ingredients to boost impact. Our R&D team continually focuses on new technologies to create products and delivery mechanisms your patients will use again and again. Throughout, we test purity and potency in leading third-party labs.

It’s all made in the USA from US-grown hemp, because hemp from other countries is far more likely to contain toxins.



Track Record

US Precision was founded by an award-winning pharmacist and wellness visionary – founder of the world’s second largest vitamin chain and the force behind 100s of new wellness products.

He was joined by a leading operator of socially conscious ventures. We are quite literally “for health professionals – by health professionals.”

We know that business can be a force for good, by helping people regain their hope and improve their lives.


We are committed to dramatically furthering the mission of health professionals – and that includes your financial success. We know that it is the health practitioner who cares for patients and clients every day. We share more product revenues and profits with you than any other firm in the CBD space, bar none.  | Read More |